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You plan a trip to Paris, a beautiful, romantic and exciting city. A Paris city guide edited by locals since 1997, we help you make the best of your trip: shopping, accommodation, restaurants, food, sights, coach tours, nightlife and all about the city.

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Sightseeing is the top reason why Paris is year after year the number one tourist city in the world.
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Shopping is with sightseeing the top reason so many people love the city, famous for fashion and style.
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Since 508 A.D, the city is the capital of France, the largest country of Western Europe. Paris city facts.
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The international image of the city of lights in 2017 is mixed. On one hand, it is the world most visited city loved for fashion, elegance, good food and beautiful sights that can be discovered on foot. On the other hand, it has been severely hit by terrorism. Strikes are more commun than in many comparable places and parisians are not seen as the most friendly and welcoming people. This all is partly true and only partly reflects the reality. The city is the core of a metropolitan area counting 12 millions people and an incredible number of companies. La Defense is the largest business center in Europe. Rungis is the largest fresh product wholesale market in the world. Charles de Gaulle Airport is number 8th in the world. The city has also emerged as a welcoming place for many internet start-ups including icons such as Blablacar and Criteo. Parisians work very hard, spend a lot of time in transport. Most of them live outside the core tourist districts of the city. The way they live, dress, eat is still typically French and we think it will stay that way. The city is now also a multiethnic city. First second and third generations immigrants specially from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe are everywhere visible. This very fast immigration that is not easy to integrate rapidly is accounting for the incredible diversity of the metropolitan area. Go to Sarcelles city and its chaldean community, to Lognes city near Disneyland Paris and its 40% inhabitants from Asian origin. You will witness that our city has become a world city where communities from all over the world live together peacefully. Paris is all that. Discover the incredible energy that is irrigating a fast changing and fascinating metropolitan area. Take the time to go beyond the cliche and discover 21st century Paris, a city that is a world in itself.