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Map of Paris restaurants

Best gastronomic restaurants in Paris
Ze Kitchen Galerie restaurant

Gastronomy in Paris is influenced by Nouvelle cuisine. Launched in the 1960ies, this new approach to cooking and food presentation is characterized by lighter, more delicate dishes and an increased emphasis on presentation. Although nouvelle cuisine seems to have vanished, most gastronomic restaurants in Paris keep its basic principles. Many today add to it the mix of traditions and products from all over the world. The result is called Fusion Food. Paris gastronomy is the winner as great inventive cooks are plenty. Our selection of gastronomic restaurants. Paris restaurant map. Paris restaurants.

Fusion food restaurants

This new approach to gastronomy is best represented by Pierre Gagnaire and William Ledeuil. Their restaurants, Gaya, Ze Kitchen Gallery and KitchenTer(re) are marvels, affordable at lunchtime to many people.

Pierre Gagnaire restaurants

Pierre Gagnaire, one of the most famous French chefs, changed the conventions of French cooking by introducing inventive juxtapositions of flavors, tastes, textures, and ingredients. His main restaurant, Pierre Gagnaire, is a favorite Michelin 3 stars restaurant. Expensive. Go there for lunch. Choose the Menu 6 Balzac at 165 euros.

6, rue Balzac
Paris 75008 France

Paris metro: Charles de Gaulle Etoile, line 1. Map.

Gaya, Pierre Gagnaire's second and more affordable restaurant, focuses on seafood. 62 euros thee course set menu at lunchtime.

6, rue de Saint-Simon
Paris 75006 France

Paris metro: rue du Bac, line 12. Map.

Pierre Gagnaire serves very inventive cuisine
Pierre Gagnaire serves very inventive cuisine

William Ledeuil restaurants

William Ledeuil is a talented French cook. His fusion food is so tasty you will remember it for ever. His cuisine is derived from his passion for Asia and his respect for French cuisine tradition. The ingredients and the flavors are decisive. He combines them in total freedom, depending on his inspiration.

William Ledeuil runs two restaurants in the left bank, some of the bests in town. Set menu start from 29 (KitchenTer(re)) to 41 euros (Ze Kitchen Gallery) at lunchtime. We are regulars.

4 rue des Grands Augustins
Paris 75006 France

26, boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris 75005 France
Ze Kitchen Galerie is the archetype fusion food restaurant in Paris
Ze Kitchen Galerie serves great fusion food

Paris apartment and hotel map

Revisited traditional French gastronomy

Relais Louis XIII and La Poule au Pot are very good choices for tasting revisited traditional French cuisine.

Relais Louis XIII

In between the Seine River and Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the left bank, Relais Louis XIII is housed in a 17th century house, featuring old stones, noble wooden beams, engravings, stained glass windows and antique chairs.

Very attached to traditional French cuisine, Manuel Martinez, the cook, revisits it and brings an elegant modernity to his classical dishes. The cook is obsessed with finding the truth in flavors, through a meticulous produce selection process. Great gastronomy. 85 euro signature menu at lunch time.

One of our favorites restaurants in town. We are regulars.

8, rue des Grands Augustins
Paris 75006 France
Relais Louis XIII
Relais Louis XIII for revisited French gastronomy

La Poule au Pot

Founded in 1935, La Poule au Pot is an authentic and warm bistro in Les Halles district. It keeps its original large old-fashioned zinc, its columns paved with golden mosaic, its red benches that surround a welcoming room lined with copper plaques engraved with the names of the celebrities who frequented the house. Taken over by the talented cook Jean-François Piège, two Michelin stars at the "Grand Restaurant", it perpetuates the tradition of the great classics that have helped establish the glory and reputation of French cuisine. 60 euros thee course set menu at lunchtime

Paris metro: Chatelet Les Halles. Map.

9, rue Vauvilliers
Paris 75001 France
La Poule au Pot is great value for money
La Poule au Pot is great value for money

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