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Our mission is to help you make the best of your trip to Paris: first, plan your trip, then get the most of it while you are in the city. Check our over 200 pages on the city of lights. We update them regularly. We wish you a great trip to our loved city.

Things to do

The top seven things to do in Paris: shopping, sights, art, music, sports, have fun.
Things to do in Paris


French food is a good reason for planning a trip to the city. You have a choice of 13000 restaurants.
Restaurants in Paris

Stay in Paris

The quality gap between hotels in the city is huge. There are also plenty of great flats to rent.

Paris nightlife

Concerts, theaters, bars and cabarets are plenty in town. The best nightlife districts.

Transport in Paris

Avoid driving in the city. Traffic is unpredictable and dense in the core districts. Metro is convenient.

Sports in Paris

Roland-Garros, the Marathon and Tour de France are the top sports events in the city.
Sports in Paris

Paris maps

We have a great variety of city and metro maps. Pages on sights include their location on the map.

Paris business

Paris is an economic powerhouse. Business trip tips. Combine business and leisure in the city.
Paris business

Places worth the trip to Paris