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Paris cinema. English cinema in Paris
 Disney Studio is the Disney park dedicated to cinema near Paris

Paris cinema is thriving. The 400 viewing rooms in town play movies in French and English. La Géode hemispheric movie theater in La Villette and Le Grand Rex with its 2700 seats are the iconic movie theaters in town. The Cinémathèque is a gold mine for cinema lovers. Les Studios de Paris Cité du Cinéma is a large and international film studio. Paris nightlife.

Paris cinema

Paris has a cinema heritage that is unique in the world: 400 viewing rooms in 64 movie theaters welcome 27 million people yearly. The Champs-Elysées, the 5th and 6th arrondissement in the left bank remain the best districts for cinema. New strongholds emerged. Les Halles and Montparnasse with their two multiplexes (UGC Cine Cité les Halles and Gaumont Parnasse) confirm their success. The fourteen viewing rooms of the MK2 Bibliothèque near the National Library and the eighteen rooms of the UGC Ciné-Cité in Bercy have diversified the offer. Paris has a park of cinemas unique in the world. In total, the capital offers not less than a screen for 6.000 inhabitants. The city is also distinguished by the vivacity of its independent movie theaters showing a variety of French and international films. Challenged by the competition of the giant distributors such as Pathé, Gaumont and UGC, these small rooms are regularly threatened, but they survive as a unique asset of the city. Cause or consequence of this multiple offer, Parisians are movie buffs: the attendance index reaches the enviable figure of 13 entries per capita. In total, Parisian theaters make around 27 million admissions.

Paris Gaumont Alesia movie theater
Gaumont Alesia movie theater shows many movies

Movie programs and tickets

The city is a paradise for cinema lovers. Find programs and buy your tickets in advance at Allocine. Check also the Officiel des spectacles for the complete list of movie programs in and around the city.

The Champs-Elysées, the Opera Garnier and left bank Paris districts are the best for cinema. The Grand Rex and La Géode are the most spectacular movie theaters in town.

Paris movie theater on Champs-Elysées
Champs-Elysées have many movie theaters

English cinema in Paris

Many just released English and American movies are in English with French subtitles. Check the movie program. V.O. means version originale (original language). The Champo and the Grand Action movie theaters in the left bank often play old American movies in English.

51, rue des Ecoles
Paris 75005 France

5, rue des Ecoles
Paris 75005 France
The Champo movie theater in Paris
The Champo cinema Paris plays movies in English

Paris apartment and hotel map

Paris Cinémathèque

La Cinémathèque Francaise, a world class cinema museum, is housed in a Frank Gehry's daring building in Bercy district. It plays many rare international films.

Dedicated to the most beautiful pieces of the collections of the Cinémathèque française, the Cinema Museum displays a unique heritage in the world covering the prehistory of cinema to the present day. Mythical costumes and accessories, luxurious models of magic lanterns, picture boxes and optical views of the 18th century, cameras and projectors, models or sets, posters, photographs, manuscripts and other archives form an exceptional ensemble, probably the oldest in the world, acquired by pioneers of the film collection and constantly enriched.

51, rue de Bercy
Paris 75012 France
The Paris Cinemathèque
The Paris Cinemathèque

Le Grand Rex movie theater

The Grand Rex was built in 1931 by Jacques Haïk, a rich film producer known for popularizing Charlie Chaplin in France. His intention was to build the most beautiful Parisian cinema in which the spectators would have the illusion of watching a film in the open air. The Grand Rex is known for its architecture and interior design. The large room is decorated as a Mediterranean city in relief. The ceiling represents a starry sky. This cinema has a visitor attendance of one million visitors a year and can accommodate 2700 people in its great room, which makes it the largest movie theater in Paris. A 50-minute tour called Les Étoiles du Rex allows visitors to get behind the scenes and technical spaces of the cinema. The attraction evokes the history of the Rex and the world of cinema in an interactive way.

1, boulevard Poissonnière
Paris 75002 France
The Rex movie theater in Paris
The Grand Rex movie theater in Paris

Louxor movie theater

The Cinema Louxor is a great movie theater to visit at all costs. Built by architect Henri-André Zipcy on the site of a Haussmann building that housed a department store, the Louxor then had a room with 1195 seats. It was inaugurated on October 6, 1921. The movie theater looks in every respect like an Egyptian building. There are symbolic elements of Egypt, such as beetles or papyrus. There are three halls: the biggest hall has 334 seats. There is a bar, a restaurant, open only in the evening, and a terrace overlooking the cinema and Montmartre.

170, boulevard Magenta
Paris 75010 France
The Luxor movie theater in Paris
The Luxor movie theater in Paris

UGC Ciné-Cité les Halles cinema

According to ComScore, the UGC Ciné-Cité les Halles cinema held the world record of spectators in 2017 with 3.27 million viewers. Located in the Forum des Halles Shopping Mall, it serves as a barometer for distributors on the day of the film release. The cinema programmed 492 films from 85 different countries. A sign of the vitality of cinema in Paris.

Forum des Halles niveau -3
Paris 75001 France
UGC-Cine-Cité is the most visited cinema in the world
UGC-Cine-Cité is the most visited cinema in the world

Les Studios de Paris Cité du cinéma

Located in Saint-Denis, north of the city, a spectacular power plant was commissioned in 1933 to power the Parisian metro. It closed down in 1981. In the 1990s, during the shoot of his successful movie Léon, Luc Besson noted this abandoned place and thought immediately of its transformation into a major center of film production in Europe. France is the leading producer of films in Europe, but so far, there was no studio to challenge other European studios, such as Pinewood or Cinecitta. Les Studios de Paris Cité du Cinéma integrates the whole supply chain of movie working. In the spirit of the original building, the Cité du Cinéma keeps an industrial soul that combines Art Déco and modern art. Les Studios de Paris Cité du Cinéma facts.

20, rue Ampère
Saint-Denis 93413 France
The Cité du Cinéma is the largest studio in France
The Cité du Cinéma is the largest studio in France

Disney Studios, the cinema park

Disney Studio is the third theme park near the city behind Disneyland and Parc Asterix. A must, it seriously suffers from the competition of Disneyland. Cinema lovers should visit this park giving full insight into how movies are madeThere are many great attractions at Disney Studios. We like very much Ratatouille, the newest attraction, the fantastic Stunt Show, the Tram Tour and the Tower of Terror.

Disney Studio guided tour from Paris
Disney studios facts.

Walt Disney Studios Stunt Show
Walt Disney Studios Stunt Show

Films set in Paris

As one of the most scenic cities in the world, Paris is also the location of many movies. Scenes of the Last Tango in Paris (1972) were shot in Tour Montparnasse. Rush Hour 3 (2007) was partly filmed in Charles de Gaulle Airport. Da Vinci Code (2006) was partly made in the Louvre Museum. Lucy (2014) was made in Cité du Cinéma. Moonraker (1979) was partly shot in Centre Pompidou. Midnight in Paris (2011) and Mission Impossible 6 are two recent American movies made in Paris. The French government has adapted the tax level on shootings and the city is now back as one of the most attractive locations for films.

Mission Impossible 6 was shot in Paris
Mission Impossible 6 was shot in Paris

Paris and the history of cinema

The Lumières brothers organized on December 28, 1895 the first public and paying cinematographic projection of ten of their films in the basement of Grand Café, boulevard des Capucines in Paris. This was the beginning of the cinematograph. Georges Méliès, an entertainment professional, built the first studio where between six hundred and eight hundred films were shot using painted sets, an open-air camera and hand-colored film from 1897.

With Charles Pathé, from 1905, the cinema lost its artisanal dimension to enter the industrial and capitalist era. Max Linder was hired by Pathé in 1905: he was the world's first major film star. Louis Feuillade, hired on the eve of 1914, was then considered the most talented of French filmmakers.

The First World War disrupted artistic and economic prosperity and challenged the supremacy of French cinema.

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