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Roland-Garros on Paris map

Roland-Garros 2021 Paris. Map. Metro.

Roland-Garros 2021 tennis tournament will be played from May 23 2021 to June 6 2021. Roland-Garros tennis tournament is the top sport event in Paris and one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. Held in Bois de Boulogne on the edge of the city and named after the French aviator Roland-Garros, it is the premier clay court tennis championship in the world. Roland Garros 2020 was played from September 21st to October 11th 2020 and won by Rafael Nadal for the 13th time. The Spaniard won the final against Novak Djokovic in three sets, 6-0, 6-2, 7-5. He will not have conceded a single set on this edition. No other men’s tennis player had won more than seven titles of the same Grand Slam event. Sports in Paris.

Roland-Garros facts

The Roland-Garros tournament in Paris is the premier clay court tennis tournament. This prestigious event is also the second of the four Grand Slam tournaments. The slow playing surface makes it very demanding.

Roland-Garros 2020 took place during a fortnight from September 21st to October 11th 2020, due to sanitary conditions, and was won by Raphaël Nadal. The tournament is the most exciting sport event in the city. Raphael Nadal has won the Roland-Garros tournament an amazing thirteen times. List of winners in the last years:

2005: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2006: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2007: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2008: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2009: Roger Federer (Swiss). 2010: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2011: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2012: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2013: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2014: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2015: Stan Wawrinka (Swiss). 2016: Novak Djokovic (Serbia).
2017: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2018: Rafael Nadal (Spain).
2019: Rafael Nadal (Spain). 2020: Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Ashleigh Barty won Roland-Garros 2019
Ashleigh Barty won Roland-Garros 2019

Roland-Garros 2021 tickets

Ticket sale is through the web site. Ticket options give access to single matches up to unlimited access to matches. There are three main courts, Philippe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen, Court No.1, for the most important matches and outside courts. Find a hotel near Roland-Garros Stadium or prefer to stay in Paris central districts (20 to 30 minutes by metro). The Rolex Paris Masters are the city's second world level tennis tournament.

Raphael Nadal won Roland-Garros twelve times
Raphael Nadal won Roland-Garros twelve times

Roland-Garros location in Paris

2, avenue Gordon Bennett
Paris 75016 France

The Roland-Garros Tournament is held in the fancy Roland-Garros Stadium on the edge of the very large Bois de Boulogne in Paris and of the affluent city of Boulogne.

Locate Roland-Garros Stadium on Paris map.
Check detailed Roland-Garros map.

Roland-Garros is played on clay
Roland-Garros is played on clay

Roland-Garros map. Roland-Garros has three main courses

Roland-Garros metro stop

Roland-Garros does not have its own metro stop.

The closest metro stop, Porte d'Auteuil, is a 10' walk from the stadium. The Michel-Ange Auteuil and Michel-Ange Molitor stops on line 9 are also feasible for good walkers.

Roland-Garros metro stop: Porte d'Auteuil metro stop on metro line 10. 10 minute walk from metro to Stadium.

Free shuttles are available during the tournament. Download and print the detailed transport map with all the various metro, bus, shuttle options.

Closest metro stop to Roland-Garros
Porte d'Auteuil is closest metro stop to Roland-Garros

Roland Garros apartments and hotels on the map

Roland-Garros extension projet

The organizer of the Roland-Garros tournament, the French Federation of Tennis (FFT), is at the origin of the extension project kicked-off in 2011. Roland-Garros stadium had become much too small and it was not functional enough. The Philippe-Chartier central court had no roof, a big problem when it rains. The Place des Mousquetaires, the central meeting point, was much too small and the offices were outdated. The Roland-Garros extension project delivered a spectacular stadium in 2020 on par with its main competitors in the rest of the world, including Wimbledon and Flushing Meadows. The Roland-Garros stadium will be one of the major equipments of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Roland-Garros in 2020
Roland-Garros in 2020

Roland-Garros, the aviator

Throughout the world, Roland-Garros is synonymous with tennis. Few people know the stadium was named after a legendary aviator who pioneered fighter combat during World War I. Roland-Garros’ passion was flying.

When war broke out in 1914, Roland-Garros was famous in the world of aviation. He was exempt from the draft but decided to enroll anyway. He took part in reconnaissance missions and bombings, but was frustrated by technological limitations. Garros helped design a synchronization system that enabled pilots to shoot through a plane’s propellers without hitting the blades. On October 5, 1918, on the eve of his 30th birthday, Garros took part in one last, fateful mission over the Ardennes, along with five other French aircrafts. Four of them had left to chase a German aircraft when a squadron of six Fokker planes suddenly appeared. Garros dived in for the fight and never came back.

In 1928, France hosted the final of the Davis Cup and won it against the USA in a new stadium. The constructor insisted it be named after Garros, his comrade during the war.

Roland-Garros, the aviator
Roland-Garros was an aviator and WWI hero
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