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Opéra Garnier on Paris map

Opéra Garnier. Ballet and opera in Paris.
Opera Garnier

Opéra Garnier is a marvel of late 19th century architecture in Paris. A classical ballet performance at Opéra Garnier is one of the best evenings you can dream of in Paris. The Opéra Garnier district is one of the liveliest in town. Paris monuments.

An evening at Opéra Garnier

The Paris Opéra has two venues: the well known Garnier venue and the Opéra Bastille. Bastille is a well designed venue, but we prefer Garnier, a splendid monument.

You will not forget a ballet or opera performance in Garnier. The beauty of music and dancing resonates with the magnificent 19th century building. Make sure you get Garnier tickets in advance. Seating of Opéra Garnier.

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History of Opéra Garnier

Commissioned by Emperor Napoléon III, built between 1862 and 1875 by Architect Charles Garnier, the Opéra Garnier is a neoclassic building. Its facade and interior followed the Napoléon III style principle of leaving no space without decoration. Charles Garnier used polychromy and different varieties of marble and stone, porphyry, gilded bronze for theatrical effect. The facade, monumental stairs and Italian type hall with Chagall paintings on the ceiling make it one of the world most beautiful opera houses. Maria Callas and Rudolf Noureev are among the artists who wrote Garnier glorious artistic history.

Paris Opéra Garnier
Paris Opéra Garnier

Opéra Garnier district and nightlife

The Opéra district around Boulevard des Italiens (Paris map) is among the top nightlife districts, with theaters, bars and restaurants, such as Café de la Paix and Grand Café Capucines open 24/24. Locate Garnier on Paris map.

In front of Garnier, the Place de l'Opéra is a superb example of 19th century urbanism. The magnificent Grand Hotel is another legacy from these glorious days. See picture.

Opéra Garnier address

8, rue Scribe
Paris 75009 France

Paris metro: Opéra or Auber stations.

Opéra Garnier can be visited daily. Check details and book tickets.

Chagall ceiling of Opéra Garnier

One of the marvels of Garnier is its 1964 ceiling by Marc Chagall. The ceiling represents the arts of opera and ballet. The ceiling, controversial at the time of its creation, is now widely aclaimed and a Chagall's masterpiece.

Go to Centre Pompidou in Paris or to the Chagall Museum in Nice to see other first class Chagall paintings.

The Ballet School

Since its creation by Sun King, the Ballet School of the Opéra national has built a worldwide reputation thanks to outstanding personalities and excellence in teaching. Sun King started it all by founding the Royal Academy of Dance in 1661. In 1713, he created the Ballet Conservatoire with classes for professional ballet dancers. In 1784, Louis XVI created a special class for children under twelve. Director from 1972 to 2004, Claude Bessy gave it its educational autonomy with its installation in Nanterre. For more than 300 years, the artistic education at the school favored direct transmission from master to student, guarantying the French School of Ballet and ensuring the sustainability of the Opera Ballet, one of the bests in the world.

The Ballet School
The Ballet School
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