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Paris transport. Metro. Bicycle. Scooter.
Paris electric scotters

Transport in Paris is easiest by metro and walking. Paris is a city designed for pedestrians with short distances between sights. The Velib bicycles are popular. Electric scooters are hugely fashionable and are a good alternative for visitors. Avoid driving as traffic is more and more difficult and congested. Good trains connect the city to all of Europe. Trip to Paris.

Transport from airports to Paris

Many travelers to Paris arrive at one of the two main airports: Charles de Gaulle Airport to the north and Orly Airport to the south. Public transport from the airport is preferable to taxis specially at rush hour. From Charles de Gaulle Airport, take RER B metro to one of the downtown stations. From Orly Airport, take the Val to Antony station, then RER B metro to downtown stations. With heavy luggage, use a door to door airport shuttle. Information about transport to/from Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport and Orly Paris Airport.

Charles de Gaulle Airport
Charles de Gaulle Airport

Driving in Paris

You come to Paris by car. Just getting to the city could be a problem. Most freeways are at standstill between 7am and 10am. The périphérique which is the freeway circling round the city is a constant traffic jam. Avoid driving in the city as much as you can. The city is giving priority to public transport and bicycles, discouraging as much as it can car traffic. In central Paris, it is impossible to drive and impossible to park except in underground parking lots. The traffic is dense and unpredictable, specially at rush hour. The ban on car traffic on the river right bank led to additional traffic jams on the banks and around Hotel de Ville. Check traffic real time. Book a hotel with private car park or find a public parking near it. Book your parking space in advance.

The péripherique
The péripherique is a constant traffic jam

Trains to Paris

It is quite practical to come to Paris by train, specially if you have a super fast train connection, as is the case in London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and other European cities. Your arrival station will be in downtown Paris: Gare du Nord (Paris map) from London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Koln, Gare de l'Est (Paris map) from Stuttgart, Munchen. Trains from Eastern Europe arrive at Gare de l'Est (Paris map). Trains from Italy arrive at Gare de Lyon (Paris map).

Train schedules and tickets

Paris transport: Gare du Nord
Paris transport: Gare du Nord

Transport by Paris metro

During your stay in the city, ride the metro and buses. They are easy and safe means of transportation. Most Parisians use them daily. To prepare your transportation itinerary in the city, use the metro route finder. Some sights outside the city, such as Fontainebleau, Giverny, Compiègne and Chartres are reachable by train. Use the Paris Visit Travel Pass.

Paris metro facts
Paris metro map
Metropolitan train timetable.

Paris metro station line 14
Paris metro line 14

Paris bus network

The bus network, althought slightly disregarded, is also an excellent means of transport in Paris. 70 years after the original completion of the bus network, the RATP, managing the network, launched on April 20 2019, a historic modernization to rebalance the network and increase the service offering. This was the biggest change in the Parisian bus network ever done in 70 years. 5 new lines have been created, 50 modified, 3 deleted, 4000 bus stops have been changed. Paris bus network restructuring.

Download printable Paris bus network map.

A bus near Eiffel Tower
A bus near Eiffel Tower

Riding bicycles in Paris

Parisians and visitors benefit from a new Velib available in Grand Paris. The bikes are lighter and connected which allow them to be geotagged in real time, to display the rental time and the distance traveled during your trip. The data transmitted allows each subscriber to follow his use of Velib. A "full stop" system allows you to drop your bike to a station even when all the locations are already occupied. 30% of the bikes, the blue ones, are equipped with an electric assistance. These models have a USB socket and a case to drop your smartphone. The battery life is 50 kilometers, for a speed of 25km/h. Riding up hill becomes easy for everyone. You will not be afraid to climb up Montmartre hill to admire the view. A "padlock fork" also helps prevent theft. Velib map. Velib Metropole. Rentals.

Paris transport: Velib bicycles
Paris transport: Velib bicycles

Riding electric scooters in Paris

The most trendy means of transport these days are the new electric scooters. In June 2018, four operators of self-service electric scooters opended a service in the city. Lime, Bird, Bolt and Wind can be found everywhere and can be located by downloading the appropriate application.

Pay attention. In the absence, for the time being, of specific legislation for this type of transport, the city has decided to track down dangerous behaviors on Parisian sidewalks. It reserves the right to verbalize users of scooters traveling on the sidewalk and disrupting pedestrian traffic.

Electric scooters are fashionable in Paris
Electric scooters are fashionable in Paris

Double-decker Big Bus transport

Big Bus Tours, the only live guided open-top sightseeing experience in Paris, are practical means of transport. The flexible sightseeing tours allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of the city with ease. Hop on board the double-decker bus, and enjoy fascinating facts and stories as you pass through the city’s most iconic landmarks and attractions. You can hop off at 11+ Big Bus stops to explore as often as you like, rejoining the tour at your leisure.

Information and tickets.

Big Buses on Champs-Elysées
Big Buses on Champs-Elysées

Taxi transport

It is difficult to get a taxi on the street in the city. We advise you to book a taxi on line in advance, specially at rush hour. Check G7 (the leader) web site for online taxi booking. Uber cars are widely available. Le Cab is an excellent private driver service.

Taxis are relatively cheap within the city. It will be more expensive when you get out of the city to places like Versailles Palace, Charles de Gaulle Airport or Disneyland Paris as you enter a different tariff zone (get a quote at G7 to evaluate the cost of your taxi ride.).

Paris taxi
A taxi on Champs Elysées
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