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Map of Paris shopping

Souvenirs from Paris
Paris fashion

Your shopping in Paris would not be complete without a souvenir from the city. Here are some ideas. Shopping in Paris.

Buy souvenirs in Paris

As Paris souvenir, you can buy a replica of the Eiffel Tower or a Paris T-Shirt at most tourist sights. We recommend you to buy French fashion, food in Paris and bring them back home.

Visit Galeries Lafayette souvenir shop. Visit french stores in Paris. Find souvenirs that will be unique at the Flea market.

Shopping in Paris
French fashion.

Buy french fashion as Paris souvenir
Buy French fashion as Paris souvenir

Paris book as Paris souvenir

A quality Paris picturebook is a good Paris souvenir. We recommend the picturebook "Paris seen from the sky" by Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand is known for his pictures of the world from the sky. The text is in French, but the pictures are what matters.

See "Paris seen from the sky" and other good books on Yann Arthus Bertrand's web site.

Find great souvenirs in the best Paris bookstores

Paris seen from the sky

In November 2020, Rémi Fa, the inspired parisian singer, released "Musique pour la Pause Café", a moving song about cafés in Paris. English subtitles. The song is part of the album Petit Bourgeois de Paris for sale as a Paris souvenir on Bandcamp.

Buy French food and wine

Food and wine are among the best souvenirs of the city. Check our food and wine store selection or buy online.

Saveurs du jour: French store online, USA

Bernard's wine route: French wines in UK

Pierre Hermé macaroon
Pierre Hermé macaroons
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