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Facts about the Paris metro and RER
Turncoat street art Paris metro

Paris metro is one of the bests in the whole world. Line one was inaugurated in 1900 for the world exhibition and much later than the first lines in London and New York City. Nowadays, the metro of the city covers the region with 14 lines and 5 RER regional lines. An additional 220 km of underground lines are being built as part of the Grand Paris Express project, a massive extension of the original metro to Grand Paris with 4 metro lines, numbered 15, 16, 17, 18. Transport in Paris.

Paris metro key facts

Paris metro is very dense within the city. It mostly has 1900 architecture stations. Line 14 and RER regional metro lines are contemporary. The metro has 14 lines, mostly underground, running to 214 km in length. There are 300 metro stations in the city. Check our Paris metro map.

The city has the second busiest metro in Europe after Moscow. It carries 4.5 million passengers a day. Chatelet Les Halles with 5 metro lines and 3 RER lines, is the world's largest underground station.

Paris metro schedule

The first metro leaves the terminus at 5.30am. The last train arrives at the terminal station at 1.15am, except on Fridays, Saturdays and on nights before a holiday, when the service ends at 2.15am.

Paris metro tickets

Tickets are sold mostly at automated machines at the station. Entrance to platforms is by automated gate, opened by tickets as well as Navigo commuter cards and Paris Visite Travel Passes. Gates return tickets for passengers to keep.

Tickets cost 1.90 euro (14.50 euros in tens), are valid for a multi transfer journey within 1h30 from first use. They can be used on the metro, buses, trams, RER in zone 1, with transfers on the same mode of transport, between bus and tram, between metro and RER zone 1. When transferring between metro and RER, it is necessary to retain the ticket. The RER requires a valid ticket for entry and exit.

Paris metro station
Facts: the station network is very dense in the city

Paris Visite

For convenience, we recommend you to buy the economical and practical Paris Visite Travel Pass.

The Paris Visite is the Official city metro pass enabling you to use all the public transport services (no photo needed) with no limitations.

It provides unlimited free rides in the region on metro, RER (regional express trains) and buses.

Paris metro station line 14
Facts: Paris line 14 is the newest

RER metro facts

The RER is the regional metro system. RER stands for Reseau Express Regional (Express regional network). It has 5 metro lines, named RER A to RER D connecting the city center to the surrounding metropolitan area. In the city, the RER acts as an express underground train. Beyond the city centre, the RER is a ground level commuter train connecting suburbs and popular destinations such as CDG Airport (RER B), Disneyland (RER A), Versailles (RER C) to the city center.

RER B in Charles de Gaulle Airport
RER B in Charles de Gaulle Airport

Grand Paris Express metro

Grand Paris Express is a massive extension of the old metropolitan network to Grand Paris. Its 4 metro lines will be numbered line 15, 16, 17, 18. They will have a total span of 220km and count 72 stations. Grand Paris Express will dramatically improve transportation in the metropolitan area starting in 2024 with the inauguration of circular line 15.

Grand Paris Express metro map
Grand Paris metro facts

Grand Paris metro map
Grand Paris Express metro map
Paris metro station ticket distributor
Facts: tickets are mostly sold through machines
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