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France map with top places in France

Locate sights and cities in France on France map below using searchbox. Check our pages and maps on famous places on France, Paris, bus tours Paris to Normandy, Versailles Palace, Somme Battlefields and Paris wine tours. Visit France.

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Champagne and Champagne wines

Champagne is 145 kilometers east of the City of Lights on the way to Germany. This hilly region grows the world's most famous sparkling wines, thanks to Don Perignon, a monk who first pioneered a number of winemaking techniques around 1670. Champagne is also a lovely region of France around the beautiful city of Reims. A Paris to Reims tour is the easiest wine tour from Paris. Save a day for a tour.

Champagne wine tours.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the second most visited sight in France and the most visited theme park in Europe. It is a must for families with children and entertains all ages. An off season visit is higly recommended. Disneyland Paris is connected to Paris downtown by metro. To best visit Disneyland and the city, stay in Paris. Book a convenient Disneyland coach tour from the City of Lights with tickets (102 euros). Information.


Disneyland Paris
Visit Disneyland Paris


As the largest royal hunting forest in France, Fontainebleau has had the favor of the Kings of France since the 16th century. They had there one of their greatest castles alongside Versailles. Francois I built most of the magnificent Renaissance Castle in the early 16th century. The castle was also a favorite of Emperor Napoleon who resigned there in 1814. Napoleon's throne room is one of the most visited rooms of the castle.



Compiegne Forest is, with Fontainebleau Forest, one of the great royal hunting forests of France. Sixty kilometers north of the City of Lights by A1 freeway, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport, it has superb oak and beech trees. Compiegne Forest attracts horse and bicycle riders and is a perfect destination from the city for a day. One hour train from the city to Compiegne.

Top Compiegne.

Compiegne forest
Compiegne forest

The top maps of the capital city of France


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