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Air and Space Museum Paris
Concorde at Paris Air and Space Museum

Paris Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget Airport is one of the best air and space museums in the world. It is well known for its amazing collection of old airplanes with a special focus on French airplanes and pioneer aviators. Paris museums.

Visit Air and Space Museum

The Paris Air and Space Museum pays tribute to the early 20th century air pioneers with 175 historic airplanes. Based at Le Bourget Airport, the venue of the Paris Air Show.

3, esplanade de l’Air et de l’Espace
Le Bourget BP 173 – 93352 France

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Paris metro: no metro station near Museum.

The museum is open all days except Mondays from 10am to 5pm (6pm from April 1st to September 30th).
Ticket price is 9 euro with one animation, 14 euros with two animations. Animations include the visit of Concorde and Boeing 747, the WW II Dakota airplane experience and a helicopter sea rescue mission.

To see more fantastic old planes, visit too Musée des Arts et Metiers. For those really interested in historic airplanes, we recommend you to attend the yearly La Ferté Allais historic airplane meeting in June. During the meeting, many historic airplanes take off and land from La Ferté Allais airport.

Paris Air and Space Museum
Ariane V dominates the launcher market

Planes at Air and Space Museum

At Paris Air and Space Museum, you will see the 1879 Massia-Biot glider, the oldest flying machine.

1897 Avion n°3 by Clément Ader, looks like a bat. Eole 50 meter take-off in 1890 was the first in history. 1907 Voisin-Farman was designed in the Voisin factory in Paris, the first in the world. It accomplished the first one kilometer flight in 1908.

The Wright brothers came from Dayton, Ohio. They settled in Le Mans in France in 1908, where they produced record breaking airplanes.

The historic Blériot XI airplane was designed by Louis Blériot, the first pilot ever to cross the channel between France and England (1909).

Roland Garros flew a Blériot plane at 4960 meters altitude in 1912, breaking a world record.

Bleriot IX in Le Bourget
Blériot IX is a historic airplane in Le Bourget

Avion III at Air and Space Museum

Avion III is one of the stars of the Air and Space Museum.

Clément Ader was one of the top innovators of his time, embracing both electrical and mechanical engineering.

Clément Ader originally studied electrical engineering. In 1878, he improved the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell and established the first telephone network in Paris in 1880.

He later turned to mechanical engineering and the question of flighting. Until the end of his life, he spent much time and money to this and constructed his first flying machine ever in 1886, the Eole. It was a bat-like design run by a lightweight steam engine of his invention. On 9 October 1890, Ader attempted to fly the Eole which slightly got off the ground. Ader then began construction of a second aircraft, the Avion II, then a third, the Avion III, looking like an enormous bat. The French Army was quite interested, but as the trials were almost unsuccessful, it finally gave up its plans in 1910.

Avion III in Le Bourget
Avion III in Le Bourget

Air and Space Museum hotel

Offering an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a restaurant, AC Hotel Paris Le Bourget Airport is located near the Air and Space Museum. With a modern-style decor, all rooms are serviced by a lift and feature air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with satellite and cable channels. The bathroom is complete with a hairdryer and a bath or shower. A fridge is available in each room. The on-site restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children between 0 and 6 years old can enjoy breakfast free of charge.

2, rue de la Haye
Le Bourget 93440 France
Marriot Hotel in Le Bourget
Marriot Hotel in Le Bourget

Apartments and hotels near Air and Space Museum on the map

Air and Space Museum facts.

Paris Air and Space Museum (Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace in French) is located at Le Bourget Airport, 16 km north of Paris on A1 freeway on the way to Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport. Le Bourget Airport opened in 1919. It is the oldest airport in France. The museum was also inaugurated in 1919 at the airport after a proposal by the aeronautics engineer Albert Caquot (1881–1976). This is why Paris Air and Space Museum is also called Le Bourget Museum.

On May 8th 1927, Charles Nungesser and François Coli took off from Le Bourget airport aboard L'Oiseau blanc, a 450-hp Lorraine-powered Levasseur biplane destined for New York, where they planned to ditch in front of the Statue of Liberty. Their plane, which was last seen off the coast of Ireland, never reached New York.

On May 27th 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed in Le Bourget Airport the Spirit of Saint Louis airplane, completing his 33 hour transatlantic flight, the first ever.

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