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Map of French Riviera

French Riviera weather. Weather in Nice

Weather in the French Riviera

Great weather is one of the main reasons the French Riviera has attracted so many people to its shores during the last two centuries. For example, Nice boasts some 2900 hours of sunshine every year. The French Riviera is rarely cold or hot. Menton on the Italian border has the best climate of all with mild temperatures and almost no rains. The Riviera is specially appreciated by retired people in winter when most of Europe is much colder. The French Riviera is rarely struck by winds or snow. Bad luck if this happens during your stay.

French Riviera weather: temperatures (degree Fahrenheit)
Temperatures (degree Fahrenheit) in French Riviera

French Riviera seasons

The summer is warm and sunny, rarely hot. The weather in summer is rarely unpleasant. July and August are the touristic and crowded months. Avoid them if you can. September is wonderful. It may rain in fall, but this season is pleasant and quite. Winter is generally mild and attracts many retired people from Paris and northern Europe. Spring is gorgeous with pleasant temperatures and flowers everywhere. You are in paradise.

Antibes on French Riviera
Sea and mountains in Antibes, French Riviera

Most rainy season

As shown on the graphics, it rains moderately on the French Riviera. June, July and August are very dry. October and November are a little bit more rainy.

The weather in the French Riviera is predictable. You can plan your trip in advance.

Paris weather

French Riviera weather: most rainy season on French Riviera
Most rainy season on French Riviera

French Riviera apartment and hotel map

French Riviera, the paradise on earth

The French Rivier is known for its mediteranean weather, one of the best in the world, its beautiful coastline, its many sights, including the fashionable Cannes resort, Antibes and its Picasso Museum, Nice with Promenade des Anglais and its Matisse and Chagall museums, Monaco. The French Riviera is also animated by famous events including the Cannes Film Festival, the Juan Jazz Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix F1 and Grand Prix Historique, the Nice Carnaval. Welcome to French Riviera.

French Riviera map.

Cannes - French Riviera
Cannes - French Riviera