Les Invalides

Visit Les Invalides

Les Invalides are one of the top Paris monuments. Les Invalides can be reached from Champs Elysees by crossing beautiful Alexandre III bridge and the spacious Esplanade des Invalides.

You can see Les Invalides on a Paris tour. To visit Les Invalides and skip the queue, buy a museum pass.

Les Invalides in Paris
Les Invalides

Visit Les Invalides

Information on Les Invalides

Les Invalides are open from 10am to 5pm, 6pm, April to September. Telephone (33) 0810 11 33 99. Information and fees. Find Invalides on Paris map.

Look for the interesting Musee de l'Armee (Army Museum) and its collection of Middle Age armours.

Paris metro: Varenne station on line 13.

Napoleon's grave in Les Invalides
Napoleon's grave in Les Invalides

History of Les Invalides

Louis XIV, the French King who built the Palace of Versailles, staged many wars in Europe.

In 1670, he commissioned Les Invalides in Paris, a 13 hectare hospital for wounded soldiers.

With their large church topped by a 107 meters high golden dome, Les Invalides are a masterpiece of French classical architecture.

The ashes of the greatest French military genius of all times, Napoleon, rest under the dome of Les Invalides and attract many visitors to Paris.

Army Museum at Les Invalides

We strongly recommend the interesting Army Museum at Les Invalides. Its collections of armors from the Middle Ages are unique. See web site. Its new section on the First and Second World War are moving.

You will find the Army Museum in the courtyard of Les Invalides. The admission fee of Les Invalides includes the admission to the Army Museum.

Armors at Les Invalides in Paris
Armors at Les Invalides
Les Invalides
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