Sightseeing in Paris

4 hour sightseeing in Paris

You have 4 hours for sightseeing in Paris. It is possible to see top Paris sights walking from and to metro stations with connection to Charles de Gaulle Airport. See our 4 hour Paris walking tour.

You can also do the triomphal way from the Louvre Museum to Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysees, up to Arc de Triomphe. Count two hours.

Other options for quick Paris sightseeing: book a 1h 45 minutes Paris sightseeing tour (departure 214, rue de Rivoli) or go to a Paris sight with a top Paris view.

Les Tuileries Gardens in Paris
Les Tuileries Gardens in Paris
Sightseeing in Paris: Champs Elysees
Sightseeing in Paris: Champs Elysees

Top Paris sightseeing districts

Sightseeing in Paris is everywhere. You have to choose. The best Paris sightseeing districts are the Champs Elysees, the Seine river banks, the left bank district, Le Marais and Montmartre.

The Paris markets also provide great Paris sightseeing opportunities. Walk through these lively districts of Paris. You will see and live Paris as Parisians do.

Paris sightseeing tours

Choose a Paris sightseeing tour to see many Paris sights in a relaxed way. We recommend the full day Paris tour and the one day Paris and Versailles tour.

You can also ride on your own open top double deckers on Paris Open Tour. Have a look at our Paris sightseeing map to locate top Paris sights.

Sightseeing in Paris by Paris Open Tour
Sightseeing in Paris by Paris Open Tour

Sightseeing in Paris

Paris sightseeing on a Seine cruise

Many famous Paris sights are on the Seine river banks, including Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Orsay Museum.

With so much to see leisurely from the river, go on a Seine river cruise during your Paris visit.

You will forever remember a Seine dinner cruise, as you then combine a great French dinner with the spectacular illuminations of Paris at night.

Sightseeing in Paris: Seine river cruise
Sightseeing in Paris: Louvre from Seine river cruise
Paris sightseeing: Montmartre walking tour
Paris sightseeing: Montmartre walking tour

Paris sightseeing walking tours

Discover Paris on foot: choose Le Marais walking tour, Paris left bank walking tour, the walking tour from the Eiffel Tower, central Paris 4 hour walking tour or Montmartre walking tour. Walk and shop in Paris shopping arcades when it rains.

If you speak French, consider the many interesting thematic Paris sightseeing tours and conferences.

Out of the beaten track Paris sightseeing

Paris sightseeing is endless. You can discover new sights anywhere. You may be interested by three out of the beaten track Paris sightseeing tours:

=> a walk alonside romantic Canal Saint Martin (right)
=> a walk through Paris Catacombs
=> a guided walk through Pere Lachaise Cemetery with its graves of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

Paris sightseeing: Canal Saint Martin
Paris sightseeing: Canal Saint Martin

Paris sightseeing map

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