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Business trip to La Defense

You plan a business trip to La Defense business district near Paris. Let's organize your trip.

You can stay in a hotel in La Defense, a pleasant pedestrian area with easy connection to Paris.

You can also stay in Paris. We recommend a hotel near Champs Elysees, a lively district connected to La Defense by RER A and metro line 1.

CNIT Shopping Center in La Defense
CNIT Shopping Center in La Defense
La Grande Arche in La Defense, Paris
La Grande Arche in La Defense, Paris

La Defense business district

La Defense is Europe's largest business district with 3 million m2 of offices and shopping centers.

Altogether, 150 000 white collars work in La Defense, this very modern Paris district five kilometers west of the Arc de Triomphe in downtown Paris city.

The development of La Defense in the perspective of Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe is a typical example of Paris planned urban development.

La Defense
Miro sculpture in La Defense

La Defense facts and information

With headquarters of companies such as Areva, Axa, EDF, GDF Suez, Societe Generale, Total and Thales, La Defense is a European economic powerhorse.

A pedestrian district, La Defense displays splendid architecture, including famous CNIT and Grande Arche. It is also adorned with many sculptures from famous artists such as Miro, Calder and Cesar. No wonder: La Defense attracts many million tourists and shoppers.

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La Defense metro station

Paris metro: Defense is a key transport hub: metro line 1 to Paris, RER A to Paris (RER B to Charles de Gaulle Airport at Les Halles station), trains to Versailles Palace. The travel time from Paris centre (Chatelet Les Halles station) to la defense by metro is 20'.

La Grande Arche
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Introduction to La Defense
Quatre Temps Shopping Mall, La Defense
Quatre Temps Shopping Mall, La Defense

Quatre Temps: La Defense Shopping Mall

Large and quiet, Les Quatre Temps are among the best Paris shopping malls. Les Quatre Temps are open 10am to 8pm everyday (11am to 7pm on Sundays).

Paris metro: Les Quatre Temps are easily accessible from Paris downtown. Les Quatre Temps are 5' from La Defense Grande Arche metro station plus 10' to Paris by RER A metro line and metro line 1.

La Defense Shopping Mall Information

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Les Quatre Temps
15 Parvis de la Defense
92092 Paris La Defense
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 73 54 44

La Defense
Les Quatre Temps Shopping Mall in La Defense
Paris La Defense
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