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Station F in 13 Arrondissement
First published: September 13, 2021

In the race to win the startup competition with London, Paris has scored a goal with Station F. 3,000 young people work in this former railway freight shed in the 13th arrondissement their to develop their startup ideas. Between 20 and 25 per cent of them are from overseas, from 50 different countries. The 58 meters wide and 310 meters long Station F is the creation of French telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel, the founder of the Free company, and opened in June 2017.

5, parvis Alain Turing
Paris 75013


The Halle Freyssinet, renovated by Wilmotte & Associés to host Station F, is a remarkable building made of prestressed reinforced concrete and built between 1927 and 1929 by engineer Eugène Freyssinet. An innovative way of using concrete has provided the hall with an extremely ligh structure, classified since 2012 as a historical monument.

Station F

At the end of May 2018, a restaurant called la Felicità opened in Station on a non-standard site of 4,500 square meters. Open seven days a week, the biggest restaurant in Europe has wood ovens, barbecues, bakery, cocktail bar, coffee, mezzanines, music scene, corners and free seating. The card compiles three of the favorite dishes of Parisians: burger, pizza and pasta. The products, sourced from Italy, are delivered weekly by truck. At full speed, the Felicità is a steamroller capable of absorbing up to 1,500 seats at noon and 2,400 at night. Most patrons are young.

La Felicita restaurant in Station F

In La Felicita, there are trees and train wagons. There is even a library where you can borrow books or leisurely relax on sofas and free table tennis for the enjoyment of all. Affordable restaurants in Paris

5, parvis Alain Turing
Paris 75013


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