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Inauguration of Forum des Halles canopy
First published: April 25, 2016

April 6th 2016, the inauguration of the huge canopy was a milestone of Les Halles redevelopment project.

The canopy

Schedule of works:
2011 : Installation of worksite, reconfiguration of underground road layout, demolition of Willerval pavilions
2012 : Handover of 7-12 play area, demolition of Willerval pavilions complete, worksite operational, construction of Canopy, construction of new Porte Rambuteau entrance, renovation of North-West section of garden
2013 : Creation of new entrance on Place M. de Navarre, renovation of RER passenger concourse, handover of new Porte Rambuteau entrance, construction of new Porte Berger entrance, handover of North-West section of garden
2014 : Handover of Canopy’s roof, reconfiguration of surface road layout, handover of new Porte Berger entrance, renovation of the garden in front of Canopy, construction of Centr’Halles Park, a sports equipment
2015 : Construction of new Porte Lescot entrance, reconfiguration of Lescot’s street, handover of Centr’Halles Park
2016 : Handover of Canopy and the garden in front, handover of new Porte Lescot entrance, handover of West sections of the garden, reconfiguration of underground road layout complete, renovation of RER passenger concourse complete
2017 : Handover of the northeast sections of the garden and the 2-6 play area, reconfiguration of surface road layout complete, handover of the new entrance on Place M. de Navarre
2018 : Handover of the southeast section of the garden and finishing touches of the surface road layout (area access worksite / Berger’s street)

Les Halles in Paris

The canopy of Les Halles

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