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Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse
First published: July 22, 2019

Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse, opened in 1903 and closed in 1924, is back. Montparnasse 1900, a beautiful Art Nouveau restaurant, located at 59, boulevard Montparnasse in Montparnasse district has closed its doors to reopen under the name Bouillon Chartier he already had back in 1903.

Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse

Created in 1858, the restaurant was bought in 1903 by the Chartier brothers, who had already opened the bouillon Chartier Montmartre in 1896. In 1906, important work was done to give birth to a sumptuous Art Nouveau decor of glass, mirrors, ceramics, moldings and woodwork.

Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse restaurant in 1903

Sold in 1924, the Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse changed names and owners several times, until the group Gérard Joulie bought it in 2003. Already managing a dozen brasseries in Paris such as the Wepler, Au Boeuf Couronné in La Villette, and the bouillon Chartier Montmartre in Rue du Faubourg Montmartre since 2007, the group Joulie returned the restaurant to its original vocation back in 1903: "to offer a meal worthy of the name at a low price".

Bouillon Montparnasse

The Belle Epoque setting is classified as a historical monument since 1984. The renovation work did not alter the decoration: refection of the restaurant rooms and the facade, refurbishing of the kitchen. With 180 seats, the restaurant offers the same menu as the historical Bouillon Chartier Montmartre, always full of tourists and employees of the neighborhood: egg mayonnaise (2 €), celery rémoulade (2,70 €), herring fillets (€ 3.80), Alsatian sauerkraut (€ 10.80), Marengo veal (€ 11.20), roasted farm chicken (€ 9), profiterole (€ 4.20), chocolate mousse (3.10 €). The service and food are average for Paris food standard. The prices are low. The restaurant takes no booking.

Baba au rhum in Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse

59, boulevard Montparnasse
Paris 75006

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