Visiting D-Day Beaches

Visiting D-Day Beaches from Paris Book tour

D Day beaches are 250km from Paris by A13 (locate D-Day Beaches on France map). You can go to D-Day Beaches from Paris on your own in a long day. If you can, stay overnight near D-Day Beaches (see map).

If you have just one day, go on a D-Day Beaches tour as this will be simpler, more relaxing and interesting.

Arromanches D-Day Museum
Arromanches D-Day Museum

Normandy, France: Remembering D-Day

D-Day Beaches main sights

D Day Beaches main sights are Pointe du Hoc, the Colleville American Cemetery, and Arromanches. If you have more time, visit the Caen Memorial.

The D-Day Beaches region is quite lovely. We also recommend you to visit the city of Bayeux and its famous tapestry, the city of Caen and the lovely Beuvron village. Don't miss the food in Normandy which is excellent. Many restaurants are quite affordable.

D Day Beaches map
D Day Beaches map
Arromanches - D Day Beaches
D-Day Beaches: Arromanches

D-Day Beaches sights: information

Airborne Museum - Sainte Mere l'Eglise
Omaha Beach Museum
Utah Beach Museum
Batterie de Crisbecq
Pegasus Bridge Memorial
Caen Memorial
Normandy American Cemetery
Der deutsche Friedhof von La Cambe

History of D-Day

On June 6, 1944, 160 000 Allied Troops landed on a 50 mile stretch of fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy.

The commander in chief of the troops, General Eisenhower, called D-Day a crusade in which «we will accept nothing less than full victory».

More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircrafts supported the D-Day invasion. By D-Day's end, the Allies had gained a foot-hold in Normandy.

Omaha Beach, D-Day, 6 June 1944
D Day Beaches: Colleville American cemetery
D-Day Beaches: Colleville American Cemetery

Thanks to D-Day Fighters

The cost of D Day was high with more than 9 000 soldiers killed or wounded. Allied forces that saw combat on D Day came from Canada, the UK, the USA and France. Polish forces joined a few weeks later.

There were contingents from Australia, Belgium, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Greece, the Netherlands.

France and Europe will never forget all those who fell in combat to free their countries from the Nazis.

Map of D Day Beaches

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