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Le Bon Marche rue de Sevres, Paris

Interesting stores are almost everywhere in Paris, ranging from tiny specialty stores to large Paris Shopping Malls. Most Champs Elysees shops and Marais Paris shopping stores are open on Sundays. Come to the city of lights for shopping.

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Fashion stores in Paris

A few fancy streets specialize in high end fashion with specialty stores of the top brands: Champs Elysees, Rue Saint Honore, Avenue Montaigne, Rue de Sevres.

The well known Paris Department Stores sell two famous products from France: French fashion brands and French perfume brands. They are good venues for fancy shopping. As a cheaper alternative, go to Paris Shopping Malls.

Shopping in Paris | Paris shopping map

Paris Shopping Mall near Eiffel Tower

You have litte time in Paris. Combine a visit to the Eiffel Tower and high-end shopping in near-by Beaugrenelle (web site), a trendy and beautiful Shopping Mall. Have lunch there in one of the restaurants (we like Panasia and Noura).

Stores in Beaugrenelle are attractive: French and international fashion, perfume, watches, pastry shop. Most shoppers are Parisians and there are almost no tourists.

Unique french stores

Walk in Paris core districts and look around. You find great specialty stores selling things you can only buy in Paris. The Shopping Arcades are great for that.

A few well known streets specialize in one trade: rue des Francs Bourgeois in Marais Paris shopping district combines fashion and decoration. The district around Orsay Museum is the right place for antique stores. Check Carre Rive Gauche web site. Viaduc des Arts, near Bastille is great for unique craftmanship. Check Viaduc des Arts web site.

Specialty stores

You want to bring back home fine french food and wine. We have selected a few stores selling the best food in Paris.

Marche Saint Pierre in Montmartre is the fabrics market of Paris, a picturesque district and the paradise of DIY.

Find the best Paris bookstores and music stores.

Locate all these venues on Paris shopping map.

Discount fashion stores in Paris

Shopping in Paris is not cheap. For fashion, come in January or June, the sale seasons. The 2016 summer sale season is from June 22th to August 2nd. The 2017 winter sale season will start at 8am on January 11th and end February 17th.

At anytime, go to La Vallee Village near Disneyland Paris (this is easy with Paris to La Vallee Village tour) or to Quai des Marques (taxi recommended), two well known discount French fashion Shopping Malls.

Paris markets

For centuries, Paris open air shopping venues have been at the heart of Paris unique atmosphere. Go to Paris markets around the corner, where Parisians daily buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and flowers.

The Flea Market attracts 70 000 shoppers every week. It has 2000 tiny shops and is famous for antiques and a myriad of old things including clothes and postcards.

Map of Paris shopping stores

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