Things to do in Paris
Eifel Tower Paris

The top things to do in Paris are sightseeing and shopping. Add to it food and restaurants, museums and concerts, sport, Disneyland and other amusement parks. The city has so many things to do it is hard to choose. Make your choice.

Planning Paris travel

Come in fall or winter to enjoy city life. December adds the magical illuminations on Champs Elysees and Christmas atmosphere of Department Stores with their shop windows. Christmas in Paris. New Year's Eve in Paris.

For sightseeing, the weather is normally best in May, June and September, although this is not guaranteed.

In the summer, the weather is warm and traffic less intense. But the top attractions are crowded and city life is at a minimum, specially between August 1st and 15th.

Trip to Paris: Paris Plage
Paris Plage along the river in Paris

Things to do in Paris

You have one day: take a one day Paris bus tour to see the essentials of the city. You have two days: take a guided tour the first day. Spend the second day combining shopping in Paris and sightseeing in Paris. Enjoy Paris nightlife.

You have up to a week: focus each day on a district: Ile de la Cite, Le Marais, the left bank Paris, the Champs Elysees, Paris department stores district. Spend a day outside of the city in Versailles Palace or another famous place in France.

Places to visit in Paris | Paris for kids

Itinerary Paris travel

We advise you to stay a minimum of two days if you can and want to see the top sights. As there is so much to see, a bus tour helps discover most of the city the first day.

If you can, stay up to one full week. Discover the many sights at your own pace, enjoy city life, do a bus tour Paris to Normandy or a Paris wine tour.

Your trip to the city of lights will stay in your memory for ever.

Sightseeing in Paris by Paris Open Tour
Book a sightseeing tour in the city

Passports and visas

For nationals of the European Union, a national identity card is enough. Travelers from other countries must carry a valid national passport and one other identification document.

Visas are not required for visitors staying less than 90 days who are U.S. citizens, European Union nationals, citizens of Canada or New Zealand.

Check official website of French government for more information on visa requiremnts to enter France.

Best food stores in Paris
Find the best food in Paris


European Union nationals have no limit on purchases of goods for personal use, except for new vehicles and purchases by mail. There is a recommended limit of 800 cigarettes, 10 liters of spirits and 90 liters of wine.

Citizens of other countries may be subject to duties when bringing goods back to their country. Check with local customs regulations before leaving.

Business in Paris

You plan a business trip. Make the most of your trip on the business and leisure sides. Book a hotel or apartment. Organize in advance your Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport transport and transport in Paris.

Check Doing business in Paris web site to get advice on how to do business in the capital city of France. Check Jobs in Paris web site to find a job in English.

More information over Paris business and business trips.

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We love Cafe Louis Philippe in Le Marais
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