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Disneyland Paris is the second most visited sight in Paris. It is a must for families with children and entertains all ages.

Disneyland Paris is connected to Paris by metro. To best visit Paris and Disneyland Paris, stay in Paris. Book a convenient Disneyland Paris one day coach tour from Paris with tickets included (105 euros). Information.

Alternatively, stay at one of the many budget hotels near Disneyland Paris (booking engine to the left).

Disneyland Paris
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Disneyland ticket prices

Disneyland Paris one day 2 parks tickets cost 90 euros.

It is convenient and not much more expensive to buy a Disneyland Paris return trip from Paris with coach transport and full day Disneyland Paris ticket. There is a convenient option with pick-up at your hotel in Paris. Information.

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Disneyland Paris information: the castle
Disneyland Paris information: the castle

Paris to Disneyland

Disneyland Paris (Eurodisney) is located 30 km east of Paris on the A4 freeway from Paris to Champagne and Germany. Locate Disneyland Paris on Paris map.

From the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, drive south on the A1. Turn onto the Francilienne (A104) a few kilometers past Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport (closest airport to Disneyland Paris), then onto A4. Don't drive through Paris (peripherique) and her busy traffic.

From Paris, join A4 at Porte de Bercy and drive east.

Disneyland Paris metro

For transport from Paris to Disneyland Paris, board RER A metro in Paris (RER map) towards Marne La Vallee. Do not board a RER A metro towards Boissy Saint Leger.

Get off at Marne La Vallee - Chessy RER station (red line A4 label on RER map). The station is 100 meters from Disneyland Paris. Check RER A metro timetable online.

The metro ticket from Paris city to Disneyland Paris costs 7.60 euros (15.20 euros for return ticket).

Paris Airport to Disneyland

By metro, board RER B at Charles de Gaulle to Chatelet-Les Halles in Paris, then RER A towards Marne La Vallee - Chessy. The metro ticket from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Paris costs 17.05 euros (34.10 euros for return ticket). A convenient alternative is the direct Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Paris Shuttle.

Disneyland Paris has a train station called Marne La Vallee Chessy, right at Disneyland Paris entrance. You can board a TGV (super fast train) in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and other European cities towards "Marne La Vallee Ches" train station. Buy tickets to Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland stay

From Paris, one day is a good compromise. A one day tour from a european city will be difficult. Count two days. Take the TGV to Disneyland Paris the first day (or fly to Charles de Gaulle Airport), spend your time at Disneyland Paris, return home the next day.

As an alternative to booking one of the budget hotels near Disneyland Paris, you can book a timeshare rental for a week at MarriottsVillageD'IleDeFrance.

Disneyland rides

Space Mountain and Indiana Jones are great roller coasters. We like Small World and the Pirats of the Carribean. Also see Disney Castle.

More information on Disneyland rides. Locate the top attractions on Disneyland map.

The second Disney park, at walking distance of Disneyland Paris, Disney Studios Paris are devoted to the cinema and certainly also worth your time.

Disneyland Paris information: Disney Studios Paris
Disney Studios Paris

Best time for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is open everyday from 8am to 10pm. Paris Disney Studios are open everyday from 10am to 9pm. Avoid the long queues as much as possible. For that, prefer a weekday, an off season day. Come very early. Your stay will definitely be much more pleasant.

For more information, see Disneyland Paris web site.
Check also Disneyland interactive map (in french).

A day at Disneyland Paris

Shopping Malls near Disneyland Paris

Go shopping at Val d'Europe Paris Shopping Mall and La Vallee Village Shopping Mall, both 10 minutes from Disneyland Paris by car or metro. La Vallee Village has top French fashion brands at 33% discount.

You can visit La Vallee Village from Paris on a bus tour. Val d'Europe and La Vallee Village are excellent Paris Shopping Malls even if you don't go to Disneyland.

Map of Disneyland

Arcade Alpha and Beta Autopia Captain Hook’s ship Car parking Disney hotels Disneyland Paris entrance Indiana Jones It’s a small world Mad Hatter’s tea cups Main Street Nautilus mystery Peter’s Pan flight Pirates of the Carribean RER A metro station Sleeping Beauty Castle Space mountain TGV train station Paris Tower of Terror Paris Stunt Show Paris Tram Tour Paris Crush Coaster