Musee Rodin
Rodin Museum Paris

The thinker, the gates of hell and the burghers of Calais are three famous sculptures exhibited in Musee Rodin in Paris.

Visit Musee Rodin in Paris

The Musee Rodin is housed in a lovely 18th century mansion in Paris. It displays a first class collection of Rodin sculptures which were donated by the artist.

The large French style garden of Rodin Museum with a view of Les Invalides is a pleasant oasis in the middle of Paris. The visit of Musee Rodin is altogether quite interesting and relaxing. Cafeteria. Count two hours.

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Rodin Museum in Paris
Rodin Museum in Paris

The thinker

Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917), a french sculptor, brought vigor to the otherwise academic art of his time.

The thinker, his most famous work, is displayed at the museum. The gates of hell, inspired by the Divine Comedy, and the burghers of Calais are stunning pieces of art too.

These expressive sculptures were a shock when they appeared in late 19th century Paris. They brought instant celebrity to the artist who then got many orders.

Rodin Museum in Paris
Rodin Museum in Paris

Information on Musee Rodin

Musee Rodin
79, rue de Varenne 75007 Paris
tel: 33 (0)1 44 18 61 10
Paris metro: Varenne metro station on line 13
Locate Musee Rodin on Paris map
Rodin Museum hours: closed on Mondays.
Museum, garden and shop open from 10am to 5.45pm
Open until 8.45pm on Wenesdays.
Admission fee: 10 euros
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Paris has two good and little known sculpture museums complementing world famous sculpture departments of the Louvre and Rodin Museum.

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Rodin Museum Paris
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