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Paris Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget Airport has one of the richest collections of pioneer airplanes in the world.

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The Paris Air and Space Museum pays tribute to the early 20th century air pioneers with 175 historic airplanes. Based at Le Bourget Airport, the venue of the Paris Air Show, the museum is open all days except Mondays from 9am to 5pm (6pm from May 1st to October 31st). If you can't go to Le Bourget and want to see old planes, visit Musee Arts et Metiers and its historic cars and planes.

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Planes at Air and Space Museum

At Paris Air and Space Museum, you will see the 1879 Massia-Biot glider (picture), the oldest flying machine.

1897 Avion n°3 (picture), by Clement Ader, looks like a bat. Eole 50 meter take-off in 1890 was the first in history. 1907 Voisin-Farman (picture) was designed in the Voisin factory in Paris, the first in the world. It accomplished the first one kilometer flight in 1908.

The Wright brothers (picture) came from Dayton, Ohio. They settled in Le Mans in France in 1908, where they produced record breaking airplanes.

The historic Bleriot XI airplane (picture) was designed by Louis Bleriot picture), the first pilot ever to cross the channel between France and England (1909).

Roland Garros (picture) flew a Bleriot plane at 4960 meters altitude in 1912, breaking a world record.

Air and Space Museum. Facts.

Paris Air and Space is located at Le Bourget Airport, 16 km north of Paris on A1 freeway on the way to Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport. This is why Paris Air and Space Museum is also called Le Bourget Museum.

Le Bourget Airport opened in 1919. It is the oldest airport in France. On May 27th 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed there the Spirit of Saint Louis airplane (picture), completing his 33 hour transatlantic flight.

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Paris metro: no metro station near Museum.

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