Saint Denis
Saint Denis Cathedral The tomb of King Louis XII and Queen Anne de Bretagne in Saint-Denis

Visit Saint Denis Cathedral

Saint Denis Cathedral (also called Saint Denis Basilica) is one of the most significant monuments of the Paris region, both historically and architecturally.

We recommend you to visit this little known treasure easily reachable by metro. Saint Denis visit details.

Paris metro: Basilique de Saint Denis station, line 13

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Saint Denis Cathedral
Saint Denis Cathedral

History of Saint Denis Cathedral

The first church in Saint Denis dates back to King Dagobert in the 7th century. The Cathedral was mostly built from 1135 to 1144 under the leadership of Abbot Suger, the confident of French Kings.

Saint Denis Cathedral was the burial site of French Kings from Dagobert (639) to Louis XVIII (1824). As such, it was damaged during the French revolution. Saint Denis was restaured during the 19th century.

The rose window of Saint Denis Cathedral
The rose window of Saint Denis Cathedral

Saint Denis, the first gothic cathedral

Saint Denis Cathedral was the first gothic cathedral ever built. It owes special significance to European history and set the style for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Notre Dame in Chartres and Mont Saint Michel.

The statues on the tombs of French Kings and Queens are moving pieces of art. They show simple humans facing the judgement of god, far from the royal dignity of their lives.

Gothic innovation at Saint Denis

Discover Saint Denis Cathedral

Saint Denis information

Saint Denis is on the way from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris by taxi. If you can, take an hour to visit Saint Denis. If you transit in Charles de Gaulle, you could visit Saint Denis and be back in 3 hours.

Saint Denis Cathedral is close to Stade de France. Take a taxi from one monument to the other. Saint Denis is a popular town north of Paris. Staying there will be a cheap and different experience.

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The nave of Saint Denis Cathedral
The nave of Saint Denis Cathedral
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