Le Pantheon, Paris

Le Pantheon

Close to Luxembourg Gardens, Le Pantheon stands at the heart of Paris left bank, the lively and intellectual Paris student district animated by Sorbonne University, the College de France and famous high schools.

The massive 83 meter high Dome of Le Pantheon towers from the top of 61 meter high Sainte Genevieve hill on the Seine river left bank.

Le Pantheon in Paris
Le Pantheon in Paris

Visit Le Pantheon in Paris

History of Le Pantheon: Sainte Genevieve Church

Le Pantheon was built between 1764 and 1790 to replace the illustrious 11th century Church of Sainte Genevieve Abbey (below). Sainte Genevieve Abbey was founded in 507 by King Clovis, the first french christian King, to house his tomb. Sainte Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris, was buried there in 512.

During the 1789 revolution, the Abbey was closed down, the relics profanated, the new Sainte Genevieve Church turned into a memorial to illustrious Frenchmen. The relics of Sainte Genevieve are now housed in close by Saint Etienne du Mont Church.

Sainte Genevieve Abbey
Saint Etienne du Mont and Sainte Genevieve Abbey

Le Pantheon history: the memorial

Le Pantheon now functions as a secular mausoleum and houses among others the remains of Pierre and Marie Curie, the physicists who discovered radioactivity, Voltaire, Rousseau and Victor Hugo, three famous French writers and philosophers.

It is in Le Pantheon that French Physicist Leon Foucault made his famous pendulum experiment in 1851, demonstrating the rotation of the earth. A replica of the experiment can be seen in Le Pantheon.

Visit Le Pantheon in Paris

Le Pantheon stands in the middle of the Pantheon Square (Place du Pantheon). The closest Paris metro station from Le Pantheon is Luxembourg on RER B.

To conveniently visit Le Pantheon, we recommend you to buy a museum pass in advance. Le Pantheon can also be seen on a Paris left bank walking tour.

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Le Pantheon in Paris
Le Pantheon in Paris
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