Best restaurants in Paris

French cuisine is well known as one of the bests in the world. With 8000 restaurants, Paris is a gourmet city. To help you decide where to eat, we have selected a few great restaurants we enjoy. Most restaurants are cheaper at lunchtime with set menus. Some restaurants have a website in French only. All restaurants take calls in English. You stay more than one day in Paris. Buy Restopolitan card: book one meal, get free extra meal. See the Fork.

Best gastronomic restaurants in Paris

Paris is known worldwide for gastronomy. We have selected a few gastronomic restaurants among the best in Paris. Go there for an unforgettable meal. Send us your feedback. See the best Paris gastronomic restaurants.

Le Passiflore Paris restaurant
Le Passiflore
Le Jules Verne Paris restaurant
Le Jules Verne
Les bouquinistes Paris restaurant
Les Bouquinistes
Ze Kitchen Galerie Paris restaurant
Ze Kitchen Galerie
Paris restaurant: Lasserre
Pierre Gagnaire Paris restaurant
Pierre Gagnaire

Best affordable restaurants in Paris

Paris has many average restaurants in the 20 to 30 euro price range. A few of them are far better for the same budget: good service, excellent cuisine, no supplement for dinner. See the best affordable Paris restaurants.

Bouillon Racine Paris restaurant
Bouillon Racine
Peres et Filles Paris restaurant
Peres et filles
Nicolas Flamel Paris restaurant
Nicolas Flamel
Chez Clement Paris restaurant
Chez Clement
Chartier Paris restaurant
Paris restaurants: Comptoir Marguery
Comptoir Marguery

Best beautiful restaurants in Paris

A few Paris restaurants combine a top french cuisine with a splendid interior. They are a testimony to the rich history of the city of Paris. We love them. Discover the best beautiful restaurants in Paris. Have a great meal.

Mollard Paris restaurant
Cafe du Commerce Paris restaurant
Cafe du commerce
Moulin de la Galette Paris restaurant
Moulin de la Galette
Train Bleu Paris restaurant
Le train bleu
Le Procope Paris restaurant
Le Procope
La Coupole
La Coupole

Best restaurants with a view in Paris

A few restaurants in Paris combine good French cuisine with a spectacular Paris view. We advise you to book long in advance at Le Jules Verne and Tour d'argent. See our selection of the best restaurants with a view in Paris.

La Tour d'argent restaurant in Paris
Tour d'argent
Maison blanche Paris restaurant
Maison Blanche
Le Jules Verne Paris restaurant
Le Jules Verne
58 Tour Eiffel Paris restaurant
58 Tour Eiffel
Dinner on a Seine cruise
Dinner ruise
Le ciel de Paris Paris restaurant
Le Ciel de Paris
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