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Paris newspapers in French

Two weekly newspapers provide complete information on what's going on in Paris: l'Officiel des Spectacles (in french) and Pariscope (in french, no web site) can be found at all newspaper kiosks.

Le Parisien is a daily newspaper with a section on Paris. And of course, you have excellent daily newspapers like Le Monde and Le Figaro. The weekly Paris Match talks about people.

Herald Tribune
Paris newspapers in English: Herald Tribune
Paris Voice
Paris newspapers in English: Paris voice

Paris newspapers in English

Paris Voice

Paris Voice is the webzine for english speaking Parisians. An interesting and well-informed Paris newspaper in English for your trip to Paris.

Herald Tribune

The Herald Tribune is published in Paris for the international audience. The Herald Tribune is the global edition of the New York Times.

Paris newspapers and news web sites

AFP (English)
Connexion (English)
France 24 (English)
France today (English)
French news (English)
Herald Tribune (English)
Le Figaro (French)
Le Monde (French)
Le Parisien (French)
Paris Match (French)
Paris voice (English)

Paris Match
Paris newspapers in French: Paris Match
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