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paris visite pass   fairy   19:52   March 16, 2014

I am a tourist living in toulon, france and i would be coming to visit paris for 2 days, i am having some queries about the paris visite pass, can anyone please guide me regarding it..

1. From where can I purchase paris visite pass for zone (1-5) for days 1-3 from ORLY airport on 8th may 2014 (which is a national holiday) ?

2. Can Paris visite pass be bought from automatic ticket vending machines at orly airport?

3. how to avail 20% discount on disneyland paris ticket of 1 day for 2 parks on paris visite pass , if disneyland ticket
is bought online?

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Paris restaurant with a view   Paris Digest from France   9:40   March 9, 2014

We are often asked about a good Paris restaurant with a view. An obvious candidate is Le Ciel de Paris, a famous restaurant on the 56th floor of Tour Montparnasse spectacularly facing the Eiffel Tower and Paris city.

Ciel de Paris serves affordable set menus at lunch and even for dinner in a quiet and spacious environment.

The quality of food and service at Ciel de Paris are much debated. It would indeed seem to be natural to pay less attention to customers as the Paris view is a unique advantage over most restaurants in Paris.

We therefore test regularly this restaurant and were there again last Thursday with a party of four. We took the 39 euro three course menu for lunch and drunk a good bottle of Provence red wine. Altogether, this added up to 200 euros, a reasonable price for quality restaurants in Paris.

I must say the service was over standard in Paris and the waiter was nice and enthousiastic. Everyone was delighted by the food of which we took pictures. There is only something to hope : that Le Ciel de Paris will continue to provide this unique Paris experience at a price that is affordable to many. Please reply to this message if you have your own experience to report. Check Ciel de Paris restaurant web site. Booking by mail.

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Royaumont Abbey   Paris Digest from France   17:02   February 9, 2014

You may know Paris and Paris region very well, you will still discover new treasures you never heard of. Very few people know King Saint Louis, the French King who commissionned the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, also commissionned the majestuous Royaumont Abbey, 35 kilometers north of Paris.

Although its church, which was the size of Saint Denis Cathedral was demolished during the French revolution, the Abbey today is one of the most impressive Catholic Sights in the Paris region. Locate Royaumont on Paris map.

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Being an Expatriate in Paris!    Paris Digest from France   13:31   February 4, 2014

In terms of demographics, Paris is one of the most diverse cities in all of Europe. Nearly every fourth resident was not born in metropolitan France.

Immigrants from the Maghreb and Western Africa, French citizens from the overseas territories, sizable communities from Southern and Eastern European countries, as well as neighboring Belgium and Germany, expats from the USA and the UK; entrepreneurs, international students, businesspeople, diplomatic staff, artists, and aspiring talents working in the creative industries, they all congregate in Paris.

However, while the sheer size of the capital and its bustling atmosphere make Paris such an attractive location, it is also easy to feel rather lost among the 12 million inhabitants of the Ile de France. You have to navigate the daily traffic, contend with French administation, and find affordable housing, all on your own.

The difficulties in settling in another country, combined with the daily workload at the office, make it hard to socialize and find new friends. Fortunately, in the online era, support for newly arrived expats in Paris is simply a mouse click away!

For example, is the largest expatriate network worldwide. It unites over 1 million members in 390 different cities around the globe: Circa 25,000 among them live in the Paris area and are members of the fourth biggest InterNations Community in the world.

The editorial Country & City guides provide members with a succinct overview of expatriate life in France that contains all the key information they will need upon arrival. For more detailed questions, there is always the Town Talk forum: InterNations members exchange tips on living in Paris as an expat, from language classes over rental agencies and furniture sales to the best spots for Salsa dancing.

In addition to such practical advice, the social network also offers various opportunities for getting to know other international people in Paris. Each local InterNations Community has a team of so-called Ambassadors: well-connected and committed members who welcome newcomers and regularly organize events for the expat crowd.

In Paris, the Ambassador team includes Antoni, a French Polynesian with Spanish and Argentine roots; Isabelle from Strasbourg, an HR manager working for a Japanese company; Valerie, a local lawyer specializing in expat-relevant topics and immigration issues. Every month, they host at least two large get-togethers, where a selection of upscale venues is reserved exclusively for their global guests. Don not miss out on this chance to explore the gastronomy and nightlife of Paris!

What about those who prefer more casual gatherings to huge parties with 300 or 400 attendees? For them, the InterNations Activity Groups offer an ideal alternative. They will be able to socialize in smaller groups, based on their different hobbies, interests, and needs.

Expat women meet other globe-trotting ladies; young professionals gather for after-work drinks and business networking; gourmets engage in wine-tasting and fine dining, and lovers of the performing arts attend dance, theatre, and music events together.

Enjoying the expatriate lifestyle in the glittering "City of Light" is, after all, much simpler if you have someone to share its peculiar joys and challenges with!

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Louvre Department Store   Paris Digest from France   20:51   February 2, 2014

The Louvre Museum is a must of any trip to Paris as is shopping. If you have little time, you can visit the Louvre and do your shopping in half a day. Printemps, the famous Department Stores, opened a new shop in the Carrousel du Louvre Shopping Mall adjacent to the Louvre Museum. The store is called Printemps du Louvre in French.

You find there the best brands, in particular, a nice assortment of luxury watches and French handbags.

Visit this store and you will certainly find something really French to bring back home. Web site for more information .

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