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Vagenende   Paris Digest   19:45   July 5, 2017

We had lunch today in Vagenende, a well known Art Nouveau restaurant of Saint Germain des Pres. We are always surprised to see this quiet restaurant is not overbooked. Vagenende attracts regular customers, most of them French, which is rare in Paris. Foreigners seem to miss it. This is a mistake. Vagenende combines quietness in a beautiful Art Nouveau dining room, excellent service, good traditional French food and affordable menus. We are regulars and have never been disappointed.Web site. Check our selection of Paris restaurants.

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4 Tips for Packing for Your Family Trip to Paris   Paris Digest   22:37   September 25, 2016

After months or years of saving, planning and dreaming, you have finally made the plane and hotel reservations for your family trip to Paris. While your kiddos have weathered their fair share of road trips and short plane rides to see grandma and grandpa, you are quickly realizing that you are venturing into unfamiliar territory with a transatlantic flight and extended hotel stay. In order to help your kids — and you — make it through the long travel process, as well as have an enjoyable time in the beautiful City of Lights, you will have to pack with them in mind.

Pack your carry-ons carefully

Instead of stashing all of your clothes, shoes and myriad of personal supplies in your large checked bags, be sure your carry-on suitcases have enough of the basic necessities to get you through a couple of days in Paris. This way, if your checked luggage is lost or delayed, you will have the essentials handy to get by. Set aside two changes of clothing for each kiddo, one pair of shoes and a set of jammies. Also, pack travel sizes of health and beauty items in the carry-on bags; this includes any medicine your kids take, and for the youngest little travelers, a nice supply of diapers, wipes and as the French might say “crème de derriere" for diaper rash.

Each kiddo gets a personal backpack

Most airlines will allow you to bring on a personal item that fits under the seats. This is where the backpack will become your best friend. Your kiddos can use the ones they carry to school, or treat them to special “We’re Going to Paris!" backpacks that might have more pockets than their school ones. In the backpack, your kids can bring along some of their favorite small books, toys, a favorite stuffed animal, headphones and snacks. Steer clear of choking hazards like whole grapes and super sugary stuff that will have them wiggling non-stop in their seats. Your kids will probably love choosing what to bring and they can go into their backpacks whenever they are ready to do something new on the plane or once you get to the hotel.

A smartphone with an international plan

While you might not let your kids play with your smartphone or tablet that often at home, on vacation you might want to bend the rules a bit. Download movies, kid-friendly apps and games and let your kids take turns playing on the flight and when you are hanging out at the hotel. Ideally, you’ll want to have a smartphone that is water resistant, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, which stands up well to accident-prone little ones. With its 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display and T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan that covers international travel, you will have an affordable way to keep the kids occupied during downtime (or when they get extra squirmy in a restaurant) on your Paris adventure.

Pack a carry-on “Mom" bag

In addition to your kids’ backpacks, bring your own backpack or tote filled with a bunch of additional items that will help your kids during travel and then also during your stay in the hotel. In this magical mom bag, pack plenty of small new goodies for the kids. Great ideas include window clings that they can use to decorate the windows of the plane and hotel room, new packages of crayons and pens, stickers and colorful paper, and as many familiar snacks as you can pack. Since your kids may resist some of the new foods they’ll get to experience in Paris, you might also put some tried and true shelf-stable faves in your checked bag — this can include tuna and cracker snack packs, granola bars and milk boxes that do not require refrigeration.

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Les Halles   Paris Digest   8:17   April 25, 2016

April 6th 2016, the inauguration of the huge canopy was a milestone of Les Halles redevelopment project.

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Auberge Nicolas Flamel   Paris Digest   19:31   December 29, 2015

We had lunch today in Paris oldest house (1407): l’Auberge de Nicolas Flamel. Good restaurant near Centre Pompidou: 20 euro gastronomic two course set menu at lunchtime. Web site. Check our selection of Paris restaurants.

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perfume ???   E   21:17   November 18, 2015

1940’s perfume, created after the war for the perfumier’s wife. Updated recently. Noted in New York Times Magazine, 2014 or 2015 (early months) article, expose about a woman executive

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